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Are you a dedicated triathlete or open water swimmer seeking to enhance your freestyle/front crawl stroke? Look no further – our personalized remote swim video analysis service is here to help you unlock your full potential in the water. Better swimming technique will make you a more efficient, smoother and faster swimmer. As a triathlete you will feel fresher and stronger on the bike and as an open water swimmer you will cut through the water with ease.

About Us

With over 14 years of coaching experience, I specialize in refining swimming technique to help athletes like you achieve peak performance and swim efficiency. As a certified Level 3 British Triathlon and WOWSA Open Water Swimming coach, I possess the expertise to provide precise stroke correction guidance, enabling you to swim with greater efficiency and confidence.

Swim faster with less energy in a more streamlined position and more powerful catch and pull phase of your stroke.

What We Offer

Our comprehensive video analysis process involves harnessing cutting-edge software to examine your swimming footage. I meticulously scrutinize every aspect of your freestyle stroke, annotating the video to highlight both strengths and areas for improvement or limiters. The result? A clear, visual roadmap to refining your swimming technique.

Benefits of Swim Video Analysis:

Technique Evaluation

Offers a clear view of your stroke mechanics for precise assessment.

Efficiency Improvements 

Identifies and corrects your specific inefficiencies for faster and smoother swimming.

Body Positioning

Assesses your body alignment and gives you tips for reducing drag and improve glide.

Comparative Progress

Enables before-and-after comparisons to track your improvements.

Targeted Feedback

Your coach will provide specific, actionable advice for focused training.

Enhanced Understanding

Builds better kinaesthetic awareness of your body movements.

Habit Correction

Identifies and corrects detrimental habits and give a clear path to improves with drills and fault correction training sessions.

 Injury Prevention:

Addresses your mechanics that may lead to overuse injuries.

Motivation and Accountability

Offers visual proof of progress, boosting your motivation.

The Process

STEP 1: Submit Your Video

Share your swim footage with us which is the backbone of our analysis. Record your freestyle/front crawl stroke and let us take it from there. We will send you a document detailing the camera angles and footage we need to help you the most.

STEP 2: Thorough Analysis

We delve deep into your video, scrutinizing your stroke mechanics, body positioning, and more. Our keen eye identifies even the subtlest nuances that can make a significant impact on your performance.

STEP 3: Personalized Feedback

Receive detailed annotations directly on your video, guiding you through the analysis process step by step. We pinpoint specific areas for improvement and explain how adjustments can elevate your swim.

STEP 4: Tailored Training Plan 

Armed with insights from the analysis, we create a bespoke training session plan tailored to your needs. Each plan is designed to systematically address the identified areas, ensuring steady progress in your swimming journey.

Why Choose Us


Access world-class coaching from the comfort of your own pool or open water training venue.

Individualized Approach

Receive personalized attention and guidance, with analysis and recommendations tailored specifically to your unique swimming style.


Witness tangible improvements in your stroke mechanics, efficiency, and overall swim performance.


Our premium remote swim video analysis service is available for an investment of just 99 Euro. This fee covers the complete analysis, annotations, Email access to your coach throughout and after and tailored training plan – everything you need to take your swim to the next level.

Ready to Dive In?

Whether you're aiming to shave seconds off your triathlon swim time and come out of the water fresh for the bike leg or conquer open water challenges, our remote swim video analysis service is your ticket to swim success.

Embrace precision in your technique, unlock your potential, and make waves like never before.

Connect with us today to get started on your transformative swimming journey!

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Face to Face Swim Video Analysis

If you would prefer me to take professional video above and below the water and analyse in real time then I offer swim clinics in Southern Spain. We have an on-site Endless pool at our facility near Malaga. We also have a gym, accommodation, static bikes, FTP testing and more. Email me for more details: karen.parnell@chilitri.com.

Read about our facilities and clinics here.

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