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Below are some of the places ChiliTri have been featured. We write about swim, bike, run and strength & conditioning topics. If there's an area you would like investigated or clarified please get in touch.

Article: September 26th 2020, Outdoor Swimmer Magazine : Outdoor swimming products and their impact on the environment (and what you can do to minimise your impact) 

Article: August 20th 2020 Linkedin: Mixing up your open water swims Thankfully, we are now able to get back to swimming outdoors and enjoying the fresh air and total connection to our environment. This article details some tips and trick plus a session plan to get the most out of your next swim outdoors.

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Article: July 10th 2020 TRI247: Triathlon training in Spain under COVID-19: what you need to know. Guidance, rules and advice for training in Spain. Spain is one of the most popular and easily accessible countries for European athletes to visit for holidays, training and racing. Plentiful accommodation, a wide choice of cycling-friendly areas, training facilities – all at reasonable cost – make it a a regular for many.

Article: May 27th 2020 TRI247: Training Motivation: where’s it gone… and how can I get it back? While we are all wondering what the ‘new normal’ will be, there’s no doubt that daily life has changed for many of us in recent months, courtesy of the Coronavirus pandemic. In this feature, Coach Karen Parnell ( looks into the reasons why motivations may have changed, its impacts

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Article: 29th March 2020, BLOG on the Surge Box website - Skipping as an alternative to Running - If you can’t get outside for your regular runs then using a skipping rope or jump rope is a great alternative and takes up little room. 

Article: 23rd March 2020, BLOG on the Swimovate website - Tethered swimming– an alternative way to training if your local pool is shut and can’t swim in open water you may still have access to a small pool so you can still train using a swim belt, bungee or tether. It’s very effective and actually a great workout.

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Article: 15th March 2020, BLOG on the Surgebox website - Can’t get to a pool? Why not try rowing? - Many public swimming pools have been forced to closed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and your favourite outdoor swimming venue may be too cold even with a wetsuit, but you still need or want to train, what can you do?built up in the summer and autumn months so is there a good alternative? #swimming #rowing #triathlon #surgebox

Article:  17th July 2019, ARTICLE in Outdoor Swimmer Magazine - Have you ever wondered how you can use your swimming tow float? Read all about it here. #swimming #owswimming #seaswimming #triathlon #towfloat

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Article:  20th June 2019, ARTICLE in Which Training Camp - Have you been on a training camp recently and found your leg cadence on the bike is a bit slower? If the answer is yes then this Zwift workout could be just what your are looking for. #zwift #whichtrainingcamp #training

Article:  29th May 2019, ARTICLE in Outdoor Swimmer Magazine - 
Check out my article in Outdoor Swimmer magazine detailing some great swimming events in Spain. #swimming #owswimming #seaswimming #swimmingevents #triathlon

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Article:  22nd February 2019, ARTICLE in Tri247- HOW TO EXPERIENCE ZWIFT ON A BUDGET By Karen Parnell


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