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Article 10th June 2024Complete Guide to Open Water Swimming: Tips, Training & Gear -

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore what open water swimming entails, the various types of open water environments, how it differs from pool swimming, the diverse events you can participate in, essential training strategies, and the equipment you’ll need to navigate these unbounded waters.

Article 17th May 2024,  

Complete 12-Week SwimRun Training Plan: Mastering 12-16km Race Distance -

This may be your first SwimRun event, you may be from a swimming, running or triathlon background and fancy something different? This plan will get you to the finish of your first event.

Article 1st April 2024What is SwimRun? An Introduction to SwimRun Events -

SwimRun is a rapidly growing endurance sport that combines the disciplines of swimming and running in a thrilling and unique race format. Originating in Sweden in 2006, SwimRun events have gained popularity worldwide, attracting athletes seeking a challenging and immersive experience in nature. This article will provide an introduction to SwimRun events, exploring the origins, race format, equipment, and the growing community of enthusiasts..

Article 28th March 2024,  

Triathlete’s Guide to Sun UV Protection

As we gear up for another season of training and racing, there’s one essential factor we cannot afford to overlook: sun protection.

Read about how you protect yourself when out running, cycling and swimming

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Article 4th February 2024

Why Zone 2 Training is Optimal for Triathletes.

While high-intensity training has long been a staple in many training programs, there’s a growing body of evidence supporting the effectiveness of Zone 2 training for triathletes.
Read more about how Zone 2 training could transform the way your train at

Article 12th February 2024, 

Triathlon-Specific Pool Dril for Open Water Swim Prep

If you’ve got your sights set on conquering the open-water swim leg of your upcoming triathlon, you’ve come to the right place. I’m here to guide you through some fantastic pool drills that will have you gliding through lakes and seas like a fish in no time.

Read more about the drills and open water skills at

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Article 25th January 2024

6 Drills to Improve your Front Crawl Technique

Swimming is a crucial component of triathlon, and mastering the front crawl technique can significantly impact your overall performance. 

In this article, we will discuss the importance of swimming drills for improving your front crawl.


Article 26th January 2024, 

8-Week Olympic Distance Triathlon Training Plan

Are you thinking of doing an Olympic distance triathlon this year? Maybe you have always wanted to do an “Oly” but have never been able to find the time? 

This plan will get you to the finish line of your triathlon and help you have fun training for it in just 8 weeks. It’s ideal if you have already completed a Sprint distance triathlon and want to step up to the Olympic distance.


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Article 12th January 2024, Rouvy vs. Zwift for Indoor Bike Training

Two prominent players in indoor training space are Rouvy and Zwift, each offering a unique set of features to enhance the indoor cycling experience. In this article, we’ll compare Rouvy and Zwift to help you make an informed decision based on your preferences and training goals

Read more about the battle as

Article 1st January 2024, VKTRY Insoles Review: Carbon Fibre Insoles for Triathletes and Runners

Carbon Fibre running shoes, or “super shoes” have proven in various studies to improve your performance by around 5%, but they are so expensive! 

Enter VKTRY Carbon Insoles that you can take from shoe to shoe and get the advantage of super shoes but without the cost.

Read more about VKTRY here.

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Article 8th November 2023, 5 Golden Rules of Recovery -

As many athletes know, training breaks the body down and recovery allows it the time to put itself back together—stronger, and better. For those of you in the heat of competition or building to a big race, short-term recovery is crucial to your body’s ability to adapt after training sessions. For those of you who have finished your A-race, big-picture, end-of-season recovery is key to repairing your body and getting it primed for next season. 

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Article 20th October 2023, First Time Triathlon Top Tips -

Planning and training for your first triathlon can feel daunting. In this article I detail some top tips to help with your swimming, cycling, running and strength & conditioning.

The article includes an example strength and conditioning training session.

Read more about the first time triathlon top tips here.

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Article 20th October 2023, The Best Trail Running Poles -

Trail running poles can be a game-changer for many runners, especially on challenging or technical trails. With the right selection and technique, they can significantly enhance your performance and overall trail running experience.

They need to be light weight, strong and hard wearing.

Read which ones got our seal of approval at

Article 20th October 2023, The Best Trail Running Shes Ultimate Guide -

I live 750m up a mountain in Southern Spain, so trail running is pretty much what I do every time I go for a run. I’ve tried a few brands and narrowed it down to ASICS and New Balance. The trend for running shoes to have thicker foam soles has bled across to the training running world and ASICS and New Balance have created their own versions.

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Article 2nd October 2023, 9 Best Cross Training Activities for Triathletes -

In the off-season cross training is key to keep your motivation levels high and preserve your hard-won fitness levels. 
Read about 9 cross training options to keep you motivated from climbing and rowing to Pilates and Yoga at

Article 3rd October 2023, Why Rowing is the Best Cross Training Activity -

In this article we will look at the reasons why rowing stands as the ideal cross-training activity for triathletes. From its capacity to build muscular strength to its joint-friendly nature, rowing encapsulates a host of advantages that have the potential to not only enhance your performance but also prolong the longevity of your triathlon career.

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Article 2nd October 2023, 9 Best Cross Training Activities for Triathletes -

In the off-season cross training is key to keep your motivation levels high and preserve your hard-won fitness levels. 
Read about 9 cross training options to keep you motivated at

Article 7th August 2023, TheMagic5 Googles Review -

A few of the athletes I coach have TheMagic5 goggles and absolutely love them so when I got asked to try them, I jumped at the chance.

This article explains what TheMagic5 goggle are, my experience of the process to order and make my goggles and how they performed in the sea and my Endless pool®.

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Article 25th July 2023, Best Bike Power Meters Breakdown: Power, FTP, and Types -

The advent of the power meter has empowered triathletes and cyclists with unprecedented insights into their physical abilities, enabling them to train more efficiently and achieve remarkable results. Read about the meters, power and FTP at

Article 10th July 2023, The Best 5 Heart Rate Monitors for Triathletes in 2023 -

Having tried many heart rate monitors (HRMs) over the years I can say they have certainly become more reliable, and some have specifically been designed with triathletes in mind. Here’s my top picks for the latest HRMs available on the market today

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Article 28th June 2023, Using an Elliptical as a Joint Friendly Alternative t Running -

In this article I will let you know about my experience with my new elliptical machine and if it’s a good low impact cross training option for triathletes.

Read how my knees got on at

Article 30th May 2023, The Best Headphones for Athletes & Triathletes -

Many years ago, I worked as a product manager for headphones for a Bluetooth chip company called CSR so when I was asked to review the best headphones for triathletes I jumped at the chance!

Have Bluetooth headphones moved on from the design I worked on since 2009?

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Article 10th April 2023, Triathlon Wetsuit Complete Guide -

Triathlon wetsuits are a vital piece of gear for any triathlete looking to compete in open water.

This article gives tips on your first open water swim, how to choose a wetsuit and how does water temperature impact your swim and wetsuit choice.

Read the guide on the  Trinewbies website.

Article 10th April 2023,  5 Beginner Triathlon Training Mistakes to Avoid -

I started doing triathlons in 2009 and back then even though I joined a triathlon club and had the support of my club mates I made mistakes!

Some people like to learn from their mistakes but if you would rather avoid the missteps most beginner triathletes make when starting out read on.

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Article 4th April 2023, Triathlon Running Shoe Guide & Top 10 Shoes -

Let’s face it: triathlons are intense. They require serious endurance, mental toughness, and, of course, the right gear. As any seasoned triathlete knows, one of the most critical pieces of equipment you’ll need is a solid pair of running shoes.

Read the guide on the  Trinewbies website.

Article 27th March 2023,  How Footpods Can Take Your Running to the Next Level

Are you looking to take your running performance to the next level?

Look no further than the humble running footpod! This small device packs a big punch when it comes to tracking your running metrics and providing valuable data to help you improve your technique and performance – it’s like having a tiny coach attached to your foot!

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Article 20th March 2023, 6 Ways to Improve Your Triathlon Run -

Are you a triathlete looking to improve your run time and cross that finish line faster? Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a newbie to the triathlon scene, shaving precious seconds off your run can be a game-changer. But where do you start?  

Find out how on the Trinewbies website.

Article 20th March 2023, The Complete Guide to Aero Bars for Road Bikes

Over 50% of your triathlon is spent on your bike so optimising your position on the bike is crucial. Aero bars can make you faster, more efficient and faster by reducing drag. This article explores the latest aero bars you can attach to a road bike. 

Find the clip on aero bars right for you at 

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Article 9th January 2023, How to Choose the Right Triathlon Distance and Race -

Triathlons are exciting and you may be considering a triathlon as your next big challenge, but where to start? What distance is right you? How much time do I need to train? We can help you decide on your next race. 

Find what triathlon is right for you more on the Trinewbies website.

Article 8th January 2023, 4-Week Strength & Conditioning Workout Plan for Triathletes  -

Do you struggle to find the time and motivation to do your strength exercises every week? Don't know what exercises to do to strengthen the muscles relevant to triathlon? This article details the most effective exercise that you can add to your weekly routine. Read more at 

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Article 18th December 2022, 6 Best Ways for Runner to Train in Winter -

Are you finding it hard to run outside? This articles can help and give you ways to training insider this winter. Here are my best running options, cross training, strength training and other ways to keep training through winter. Read more on the Trinewbies website.

Article 25th November 2022, Triathlon and Multi-Sport Distances, A Complete Guide  -

In this article we discuss everything multi-sport and triathlon including the distances and what makes each one different and challenging in their own right.Read more at 

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Article 7th November 2022, Best Indoor Cycling Apps, Trainers & Accessories for Triathletes -

The leaves are turning brown, and this signals the coming racing off-season and turning inside for your regular training rides. There are many ways to enjoy indoor training and in this article we will look at the indoor turbo or wind trainer and how to train on stationary bikes like Peloton.

Article 19th November 2022, 31 Best Indoor Cycling Workouts for Triathletes  -

This time of year, many people will be turning to indoor cycling to keep fitness or start base training for next year’s race season.

The article includes workouts for Zwift, Rouvy, TrainerRoad and also without Apps as a follow along session. Read more at 

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Article 17th October 2022, Recovery Tips for after your Triathlon Race - IRONMAN Virtual Club

Make time to both celebrate and properly recover from your triathlon race. As the saying goes “failure to prepare is to prepare for failure.” With that, just like planning and preparing for your race you should plan your recovery post-race. 

Read more in the link.

Article 10th October 2022, Preparing for your First Triathlon, Race Week - IRONMAN Virtual Club

You have done the bulk of your training and now close to race week and this may feel a bit daunting. In the run up to race week the key is preparation and planning to reduce the stress you may feel in the days before.

Read more on IRONMAN website in the link.

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Article 6th October 2022, Training for Kona – final preparation and top tips for first timers - IRONMAN Virtual Club

Final Preparation and Top Tips for First Timers. IRONMAN Kona is iconic and if you said the word “Kona” to anyone they would probably associate it with IRONMAN. Many athletes spend years training to put in the performance they need to qualify, Read more in the link.

Article 10th October 2022, Preparing for your First Triathlon, Race Week - IRONMAN Virtual Club

You have done the bulk of your training and now close to race week and this may feel a bit daunting. In the run up to race week the key is preparation and planning to reduce the stress you may feel in the days before.

Read more on IRONMAN website in the link.

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Article 1st October 2022, CEP Compression for Injury Prevention & Pain Relief - Trinewbies

As a coach the one thing I really hate are injuries, so I spend a lot of my time creating plans and sessions that help prevent injury (prehab) or working with other professionals to create rehab plans should an injury occur.- something for every budget. Read more.

Article 1st October 2022, 6 Best Swimming Drills for Triathletes - Trinewbies

Swimming drills are a standard part of most triathlon and masters swim coached sessions, why? Because they do work over time.

Here are six of the best drills to add to the beginning of your swims sessions and why you should use them.

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Article 13th September 2022, Best Massage Guns, Balls, & Foam Rollers for Triathletes - Trinewbies

As we enter the "off-season" as triathletes we need to give ourselves some TLC to help recover ready for the next race season. There is no better way that to treat yourself to a massage. Here's the best ways to self massage - something for every budget. 

Article 26th September 2022, Are Carbohydrates Misunderstood? - Rock 'n' Roll Running VR Club

Why the reputation of carbs may be misleading. . Do you need Carbs to Train Effectively? This article draws on the latest research into training and the affect carbs have on training and race performance. Click on the "Read More" link to read the full article on the Rock 'n' Roll site.

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Article 12th September 2022, Half Marathon Race Preparation - Rock 'n' Roll Running VR Club

Race day is looming. You have done the hard training and are focusing the final weeks leading up to race day. But how to best prepare for race day during this time? Here are some tips on how to make the most of the time leading up to the big day. 

Article 5th September 2022, The importance of Rest and Recovery for Endurance Athletes - IRONMAN VC

Learn how to optimize your training by optimizing your recovery. As many athletes know, training breaks your body down and recovery allows your body the time to put itself back together – stronger, and better. Recovery is crucial to your body’s ability to adapt after training sessions.

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Article 8th August 2022, How to adapt your triathlon training around menstruation for better performance

Here's my latest article written for IRONMAN Virtual Club on how to adapt your triathlon training around menstruation for better performance. This includes tips for female runners, swimmers, cyclists and triathletes.

Article 29th August 2022, 5 of the Best Drills to help you improve your Running  - Rock 'n' Roll Running VR Club

Sharpen technique, balance, efficiency, and stability with these five recommended running drills. Rock 'n' Roll Virtual Running Club: Whether you're training for your next marathon or starting your running journey, join fun and engaging challenges that you can start and finish from anywhere. it's free to join and take part.

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Article 23rd March 2022, Open Water Swimming Safety Tips

As many of us plan training camps or family holidays where you turn it into your own training camp (guilty) sea swimming as the temperature warms up is a great way to practice open water swimming. Also, Easter approaches in the UK and many of us look to get away, the national lakes and open water swimming haunts begin to open.

Article 11th April 2022, 6 Reasons Running Coaches Should Use Structured Workouts

Read about how switching over to TrainingTilt for my coaching business helped me manage my cost and training my athletes globally. This Blog looks in detail at the benefits to athletes and coaches of using structured workouts with athletes.

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Article 21st March 2022, Best Triathlon Cycling Tires

There are three important contact points on your bike; two where you touch the bike, the saddle, and the handlebars and the third where the bike touches the tarmac – your tires. Read what types there are and what ones are best for your race distance and conditions.

Article 28th March 2022, CEP Compression Product Review

As a coach the one thing I really hate is injuries, so I spend a lot of my time creating plans and sessions that help prevent injury (prehab) or working with other professionals to create rehab plans should an injury occur. 

Compression products are a great tool to add in to your prehab tool kit.

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Blog 24th February 2022, Can I get more power on my bike for free?

This latest blog details how to increase your cycling power and speed for free or for little money. It has eight easy ways to increase your speed on the bike from cleaning your chain and getting aero to how much air you should put in your tyres to optimise your speed.

Article 25th February 2022, Cycling Training Apps, which one Suits your Personality?

There is an amazing amount of cycling Apps on the market and in the beta test stage but which one will keep your winter training blues at bay? It’s easy to fall into the trap of cost versus benefit and reading specification sheets, technology versus data output concerns so maybe a more fun way is to match your personality to the App?  

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Article 28th January 2022, TriRadar, 361° MERAKI 4 RUNNING SHOE REVIEW

Read about how I got on with the 4th generation Meraki from 361 degrees. This was my first exposure to the brand and some of the features were a real eye opener! I won't ruin the surprise but worth a read if you are looking for a new pair of running shoes!

Blog: 17th January 2022, Beer versus Alcohols Free Beer for Athletes

You may have seen alcohol free beer being given out at the end of race but it is good for us? Do you enjoy a beer to celebrate at the end of a race or a tipple at the weekend? In this blog I discuss the pros and cons of a cheeky half.


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Article 28th December, IRONMAN U, First Time Triathlon Top Tips

This article discuss the top tips for a newbie triathlete. It covers tips for the swim, bike, run and transition elements. I also give an example strength and conditioning session so you can help avoid injuries on your training journey to your first triathlon.

Blog: December 23rd 2021, A triathletes guide to Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

Heart Rate Variability or HRV has been gaining popularity amongst athletes and triathletes and there are many reasons to consider using these readings to help with your training. This blog discusses what it is and why you may find it useful.


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Article 17th November 2021, INCUS Performance review: What is NOVA and how can it help you?

I was asked to test and review the Alistair Brownlee backed INCUS NOVA . Developed specifically for swimmers and triathletes, INCUS Performance in integrated measurement and analytics tool. I was asked by TRI247 to test it and They said "As an athlete, experienced coach and with a background in technology too, Karen was the ideal candidate for that role".

Blog: October 12th 2021, Can you buy a man’s bike if you are a woman?

As a coach I get asked this a lot when one of my female athletes who is just starting out gets offered a bike from a friend or see’s a great deal on a bike, but it happens to be a man’s bike.

In the past the differences were obvious. I collect bikes and the photo below shows my Raleigh Ebony that I bought to do an Eroica event that stated I needed to have a bike built up to 1987... 

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Athlete in the news, September 13th 2021, Gibraltar Chronicle: Faye Morse wins female category of 100k Ultra Challenge

Ultra runner Faye Morse won the female category of last weeks Thames Path Challenge 100km ultra marathon race, coming 6th out of 707 runners in a time of 10 hours 49 minutes. This. despite two falls on the route that were more trail running with tree roots and uneven surfaces than pavement and road.

Article: September 29th 2021, TRI247: ZEN8 Dryland Swimming Training System

Many of us have become very used to the concept of ‘Zwifting’ alongside other cycle training. Will ‘Zwimming’ become similarly ubiquitous, thanks to the ZEN8 Swim Trainer?. 

What is it? Who is it for? How much does it cost? The answers to those questions and more are covered here courtesy of Coach Karen Parnell who has been testing it out for us.

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Article: August 24th 2021, TRI247: FORM Smart Smart Swim Goggles add Workouts feature

I tested the original FORM smart goggles and App a few weeks ago and when I was asked to test them again, I was a bit confused… but WoW!

Wow is two-fold as the new features are amazing and really useful, but WoW can also stand for Workout of the Week.

Article: August 30th 2021, Which Training Camp: Packing light when training in Spain

Now we have more freedom and can plan a trip to Spain, so warm weather training is not a pipe dream anymore. 

To make the most of your training and travelling light can be a tricky balancing act but it’s not impossible. Here are Karen's top tips for travelling light for your training in Spain. 

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Article: August 13th 2021, TRI247: FORM Smart Goggles for Open Water, Spa Pools and Swimming Pools

Pools still have restricted access in many areas so open water swimming is more popular than ever so when I heard that the FORM Smart goggles can be used to help develop your open water, tethered, spa pool and standard swimming pool swimming I couldn’t wait to try them! 

Article: August 12th 2021, TrainingPeaks: Habit Stacking: The Easiest Way to Get Your Strength Training Done

Building upon your existing habits might be the key to creating positive new ones — especially when it comes to strength training. It can be difficult to find time to fit in strength and conditioning so this article details how you can fit micro workouts in to your busy schedule using habit stacking techniques.

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Article: August 6th 2021, TRI247: FINIS Smart Goggle review: What can it do for your swim?

I was really excited to receive the FINIS Smart Goggles and try out a real innovation in swim training. I used to work for a defence company where Head Up Displays (HUD) were commonplace for the armed forces, so I was keen to see how this would work whilst swimming. I was also keen to see what information it would serve up to help me improve my swimming.

Article: July 29th 2021, IRONMAN VC: Behind the Plan: Water Running for IRONMAN Success

Think you can’t train for IRONMAN during, or coming out of injury? Think again. My 12-week IRONMAN 70.3 training plan on the IRONMAN Coaching App features water running options along with heart rate, power and strength sessions. This is the perfect training plan for someone coming back from injury or wanting a lower-impact training plan.

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Article: July 13th 2021, TRI247: Supersapiens: What is it, and what can it do for you?

If you’ve been watching triathlon and thinking, “what are those patches I’ve seen on some athletes’ arms”, then the answer is quite likely to be Supersapiens.

The title sponsor of the IRONMAN World Championship at Kona – and now in a partnership with Jan Frodeno – Supersapiens is a real-time glucose visibility energy management sport biosensor. 

Article: July 15th 2021, TRI247: ASICS Trabuco Max Review: A Sticky Sole is Spanish Gold

I live 750 metres (2490 feet) up a mountain in Southern Spain so when I go out for a run, I will hit a hill or two. In fact, I can do a 10km run and see my house pretty much all of the way round – which still freaks me out! This is a review of how I got on in the mountains trail running in the ASICS Trabuco Max.

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Article: May 25th 2021, TRI247:

Have you tried Plogging?!

Plogging is a combination of jogging with picking up litter (merging the Swedish verbs plocka upp (pick up) and jogga (jog) gives the new Swedish verb plogga, from which the word plogging derives).

Article: May 20th 2021, TRI247:

TekraPod: Safe swimming without the drag   

This week I’m trying out the TekraPod Open Water Swim Safety Device. It arrived in two packages, one containing the lightweight backpack and the other contained two small CO2 cannisters and two little plastic grommets. This piqued my interest and I had to go and swim and try it.

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Article: February 28th 2021, IRONMAN VC: 12 Ways Go Faster at Your Next Flat Race

If you have a flat race in your crosshairs, whether physical or virtual, set yourself up for success with these tips.

This month at the IRONMAN Virtual Club we’re shining our spotlight on flat and fast courses, flat and fast workouts, and flat and fast times. To that end, we rounded up a few IRONMAN Certified Coaches to lend their expertise on how you can get even faster on your next flat race course, whether physical or virtual.

Article: May 7th 2021, TRI247:

Heart Monitors – much more than just beats per minute   

Few things move quicker than progress in technology, and the modern heart rate monitor is a great example of that. In this feature, Coach Karen Parnell  takes an in-depth look and compares two of the latest products on the market, the Wahoo TICKR X and the Polar Verity Sense.

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Article: April 9th 2021, TRI247: Product Review: Cinc Swimwear.

With pools opening up, if you are looking to add some colour to your chlorine then perhaps Cinc Sport is a brand worth checking out.

Based in Spain, it wasn’t a brand I was aware of – but it was a perfect opportunity to connect ‘Brit abroad’, Karen Parnell, with their team to try them out and see if their colours and offerings were worthy of your pounds, or indeed, euros. Shipping is available without issue to the UK. Here’s what we found.

Article: April 21st 2021, TRI247: Open Water Top Tips to Get the Most from Your Open Water Swims.  

The weather is improving, and most open water venues are opening up to allow us to swim. The water may however still be a bit cool so time spent in the water may be shorter to begin with.

To make the most of you swims here are my top tips for your sessions and also the kit you can consider.

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Article: March 8th 2021, TRI247: A Female Triathlete’s Guide to Fasting and Fasted Training . 

Coinciding with International Women’s Day, Coach Karen Parnell has worked alongside Dr. Linia Patel, a registered dietitian and sports nutritionist to look at the impacts of fasting and fasted training for female triathletes.

What’s it all about? What are the potential benefits and pitfalls? What’s the science behind it… and what are the specific considerations for female athletes?

Article: March 8th 2021, IRONMAN VC: How to Triumph as a Woman in Tri .  Happy International Women’s Day from all of us here at IRONMAN. To celebrate the incredible women who bring such passion, energy, and personality to the sport of triathlon, we reached out to some of our favourite women in the sport. These movers, shakers, experts, and educators generously shared their wisdom with us—as coaches, communicators, or athletes themselves.

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Article: February 12th 2021, IRONMAN VC - ROWING: The Best Swim Cross-Training You Haven’t Discovered Yet . Still can’t get to a pool? Rowing is your next best bet. As triathletes, how do we maintain our swimming fitness and sport-specific muscle strength when lane time is scarce or unavailable? Enter: the rowing machine. Read more in the link below.

Article: February 28th 2021, IRONMAN VC - 12 Ways Go Faster at Your Next Flat Race.  If you have a flat race in your crosshairs, whether physical or virtual, set yourself up for success with these tips. My tips are: Run—Get Bulletproof & Mental—Get Strong. Read more in the link below.

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Article: February 23rd 2021, - Beginners Guide to Bike Pedals. Cycling – you just get on and pedal, right? You do… but there are LOTS of different pedal that your feet could end up pushing! 

Feature: January 2021 WOWSA - Karen Parnell featured on the Open Water Swimming Association website.  WOWSA is an international association dedicated to the organization, promotion and recognition of open water swimmers, events, records, trends, publications etc

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Article: September 26th 2020, Outdoor Swimmer Magazine - Outdoor swimming products and their impact on the environment (and what you can do to minimise your impact) 

Article: August 20th 2020 Linkedin - Mixing up your open water swims Thankfully, we are now able to get back to swimming outdoors and enjoying the fresh air and total connection to our environment. This article details some tips and trick plus a session plan to get the most out of your next swim outdoors.

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Article: July 10th 2020 TRI247 - Triathlon training in Spain under COVID-19: what you need to know. Guidance, rules and advice for training in Spain. Spain is one of the most popular and easily accessible countries for European athletes to visit for holidays, training and racing. Plentiful accommodation, a wide choice of cycling-friendly areas, training facilities – all at reasonable cost – make it a a regular for many.

Article: May 27th 2020 TRI247 - Training Motivation - where’s it gone… and how can I get it back? While we are all wondering what the ‘new normal’ will be, there’s no doubt that daily life has changed for many of us in recent months, courtesy of the Coronavirus pandemic. In this feature, Coach Karen Parnell ( looks into the reasons why motivations may have changed, its impacts

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Article: 29th March 2020, BLOG on the Surge Box website Skipping as an alternative to Running - If you can’t get outside for your regular runs then using a skipping rope or jump rope is a great alternative and takes up little room. 

Article: 23rd March 2020, BLOG on the Swimovate website - Tethered swimming– an alternative way to training if your local pool is shut and can’t swim in open water you may still have access to a small pool so you can still train using a swim belt, bungee or tether. It’s very effective and actually a great workout.

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Article: 15th March 2020, BLOG on the Surgebox website - Rowing. Can’t get to a pool? Why not try rowing? - Many public swimming pools have been forced to closed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and your favourite outdoor swimming venue may be too cold even with a wetsuit, but you still need or want to train, what can you do? built up in the summer and autumn months so is there a good alternative? #swimming #rowing #triathlon #surgebox

Article:  17th July 2019, ARTICLE in Outdoor Swimmer Magazine - The things you can do with a tow float - Have you ever wondered how you can use your swimming tow float? Read all about it here. #swimming #owswimming #seaswimming #triathlon #towfloat

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Article:  20th June 2019, ARTICLE in Which Training Camp - Have you been on a training camp recently and found your leg cadence on the bike is a bit slower? If the answer is yes then this Zwift workout could be just what your are looking for. #zwift #whichtrainingcamp #training

Article:  29th May 2019, ARTICLE in Outdoor Swimmer Magazine Swimming - Events in Spain 
Check out my article in Outdoor Swimmer magazine detailing some great swimming events in Spain. #swimming #owswimming #seaswimming #swimmingevents #triathlon

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Article:  22nd February 2019, ARTICLE in Tri247- HOW TO EXPERIENCE ZWIFT ON A BUDGET By Karen Parnell


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