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I am passionate about coaching and have worked with athletes at all levels to meet or exceed their training and race goals. 

We offer online coaching via our App, TrainingPeaks or FinalSurge and in person coaching at our training camp facility in Southern Spain near Malaga.

ChiliTri has grown out of the interest of individuals and groups that wanted to enjoy the Andalusian climate and nature while experiencing an active holiday. Started in 2015 as ChiliTri, we now offer personalised training sessions in triathlon, pool swimming, open water swimming, road cycling, running and strength and conditioning for athletes of all ages and all levels.

If you want that personal touch and know that the training plan you are provided is truly bespoke and written just for you and your goals then a ChiliTri training plan is for you. Written by a Level 3 British Triathlon Federation Coach, 8020 EnduranceIRONMAN Certified Coach, WOWSA Level 3 Open Water Swimming Coach and Qualified NASM Personal Trainer you can be confident it is effective, covers all areas and using the very latest techniques and methodologies. 

I also work as a Coach Educator & Assessor for the British Triathlon Federation, helping to develop the next generation of triathlon coaches in the UK.

This coaching can be blended (face to face and online) or 100% online with regular contact via Skype or Zoom.

Unlike other coaching companies we offer the same great service to all athletes and we don't exclude services or restrict access to your coach if you are now the on "Platinum" plan!

About Karen Parnell

Karen Parnell is a Level 3 High Performing British Triathlon Federation (BTF) Coach, 8020 Endurance & IRONMAN Certified Coach, WOWSA Level 3 Open Water Swimming Coach and NASM Qualified Personal Trainer. She is also a guest writer and technology reviewer for TRI247, TrinewbiesOutdoor Swimmer, TrainingTiltIRONMAN and TrainingPeaks

I love to coach and work with my athletes to help then reach or even exceed their race goals. We work together on strengths to exploit them and to improve your limiters to make you the best athlete you can be. Video analysis is excellent for improvement and I use professional coaching software for this. I can video you on one of our camps or you can send me videos of your swim, bike, run and gym sessions. Using professional swim analysis software I annotate your videos with specific ways to adjust and improve. You can view your videos where ever you are in the world. Unlimited free access to your personal videos and bespoke feedback.

Karen has raced triathlons in the UK, United States, France, and Spain from Sprint to long distance and even off-road events. Karen has also completed various running races such as the London Marathon and Great North Run as well as The London 100 cycling event and Swim Serpentine long distance swims which earnt her the Hall of Fame medal. She has also raced running events in Taiwan, Korea and Hong Kong. In 2019 she completed the London Classics and entered their hall of fame.

Karen is an 8020 Endurance certified coach which covers all endurance sport, a member of the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA). I am also proud to be a level 3 federated coach in Spain. 

Your Training Journey

Comprehensive Athlete Questionnaire 

You journey to the finish line with your coach starts with a comprehensive athlete questionnaire, a coach/athlete meeting and an agreement on goals, ways you like to train and how we will work together. Do you like stats? Do you train to Heart Rate? Are you a Power junky? Do you like to keep it simple? Do you like to train inside on Zwift? No problem we will tailor the training to you.

Fully Bespoke Training Plan

We will write a full top level periodized plan taking from today to your A-race. This plan will cover swim, bike, run, S&C, nutrition, race planning, athlete testing, MAF, HRV and more. We will walk through this with you and you get to sign off on it. The plan will cover training, nutrition, hydration, race tips, race preparation and recovery. We can also provide off-season maintenance sessions.

Training App, Athlete Area & FB Group

You will then get FULL access to the Private Athlete site, Free Full Training Tilt App and Private FaceBook Group. The private areas have recipes, blogs, extra tips, advice, support and more. We will then distil your top level plan in to weekly drops via our App straight to your phone, tablet or PC. Each week we can review and tweak your plan based on life, family and work commitments. Your plan is always your plan. I'm also here for a chat when you need to discuss your challenges, work-life balance, goal setting, race day prep and next steps.

Race Day, Recovery & the Time In-Between

As we get closer to race day we will start to prepare your mind and body for success. Mental toughness, self talk, nutrition, hydration, packing lists and race course specific sessions. We will be there with you right up to race day - every step of the way!  After your race you will get a bespoke recovery plan.

After your recovery period you will enter your off-season which can be a challenging period. I will keep motivated and active whether it's working on areas that needs improvement, a swim, bike, run and S&C structured plan or trying something new or mastering a new skill like mountain biking, trail running, ultra racing, rowing, Swim-Run, Aquabike, Duathlon, obstacle races and more.

ChiliTri Training App

You will get access to our iOS and Android training app too, download the Training Tilt App from your app store and use the same login details as you do for the private athlete area of the website. You will then get access to videos, articles, recipes and your training plan, all from your mobile, tablet or PC. If you already use Training Peaks or Final Surge we can deliver your plan that way. Karen is Training Peaks level 2 and IRONMAN Certified Coach so can write a bespoke plan for you on your preferred platform, Training Peaks, Final Surge or Training Tilt.

Training Plans and Coach Support

You will get a fully detailed training plan built specifically around your race goals and development areas to allow you to perform at your best.  We will use all of your athlete information gathered from the questionnaire and your welcome coach call to create a plan that suits your current fitness levels, the amount of time you have to train, your equipment and your particular training preferences.  

You will get full access to your coach through the private Facebook Group, Website, App and Email.




€85 set up fee (one time fee for new athletes).

  • A bespoke training plan tailored to you. This will fit around your current level of experience, availability to train and your season goals. Includes swim, bike, run and strength sessions. 
  • Delivered via your own personal ChiliTri Training Tilt App & account, TrainingPeaks or FinalSurge.
  • Exclusive discounts from our partners.
  • Daily email detailing your training.
  • Monthly Skype/Zoom call with your coach.
  • Unlimited contact with your coach via the ChiliTri Coaching Platform / Facebook Messenger / WhatsApp.
  • Training plans posted weekly.
  • 4 training plan updates per month.
  • Unlimited device file reviews.
  • Start-up consultation.
  • Flexibility to change sessions based upon personal circumstances.
  • 15% off ChiliTri events and camps
  • Welcome pack containing a comprehensive athlete questionnaire, Epigenetic recipe book and ChiliTri swimming hat. 



€85 set up fee (one time fee for new athletes).

  • A bespoke training plan tailored to you. This will fit around your current level of experience, availability to train and your race and personal goals. Includes swim, bike, run and strength sessions.
  • Delivered via your own personal ChiliTri Training Tilt App & account, TrainingPeaks or FinalSurge.
  • Exclusive discounts from our partners.
  • Daily email detailing your training.
  • 1 call and 4 e-mails per month.
  • Training plans posted monthly.
  • 2 training plan updates per month.
  • Weekly device file reviews.
  • Start up consultation.
  • 10% off ChiliTri events and camps
  • Welcome pack containing a comprehensive athlete questionnaire, Epigenetic recipe book  and ChiliTri swimming hat.



€85 set-up fee (one time fee for new athletes).

  • A bespoke training plan tailored to you. This will fit around your current level of experience, availability to train and your race and personal goals. Includes swim, bike, run and strength sessions.
  • Delivered via your own personal ChiliTri Training Tilt App & account TrainingPeaks or FinalSurge
  • Exclusive discounts from our partners.
  • 2 emails per month
  • Training plans posted monthly
  • 1 training plan update per month
  • Start-up consultation.
  • Welcome pack containing a comprehensive athlete questionnaire, Epigenetic recipe book  and ChiliTri swimming hat. 

IRONMAN TriClub Membership

All ChiliTri triathletes can join the IRONMAN official Chili Tri TriClub. You can benefit from priority registratin, club bike racking in transition, VIP passes, Global rankings, TriClub village and more. It's free to join and you can join the Chili Tri TriClub on the IRONMAN website and search for       "Chili Tri" on the IRONMAN Find a Club page.

Additional Services & Options

One Hour Consulation

One hour discussion on the phone or video call.

One month of TrainingPeaks Premium Athlete Edition.

Comleted coaching consultation summary after your call.


Training Plans

I have written structured training plans for triathlon, Aquabike, Duathlon, Aquation, Swim-Run, Cycling, Swimming, Running, Off-season, Strength & Conditioning, ZEN8, Stryd, TRX and more. These are available on TrainingPeaks, FinalSurge and TrainingTilt.

From €10 

What ChiliTri Athletes Say About Us

As I sit here on Zwift at the beginning of a new year thinking back over the journey I have been on over the last 2 and a bit years I know I wouldn’t be where I am without Karen. Karen very quickly picked up on my rather “non-competitive I’m in this for the fun” attitude and frankly made even the less fun bits bearable. The most useful stat that I’ve started measuring has been HRV. I am definitely someone more geared to the “oh I’m not feeling 100% so best not train today” camp and now I don’t have to rely on how I’m feeling but an actual number. Following Karen’s  suggestion I have used HRV for months now and give total responsibility to the fact that following the morning readiness score has meant I’ve neither been injured or ill during this time.

by Clara Nunes, Teacher in Portugal

Karen brought me from Zero to Hero on my Ironman journey. I had never completed a triathlon and so had a lot to learn. Karen taught me and trained me with patience and motivation. She gave timely weekly plans that reflected my other commitments and enabled me to have a balance between training and work. Karen was always available for me to speak with and was able to answer questions that I had. She gave advice on nutrition, bike set up and maintenance, to name but a few. I visited Karen's training camp on a number of occasions. The facilities are great, she has an endless swimming pool that I could use as well as lots of strength and conditioning equipment. I would highly recommend Karen, she is very knowledgeable and passionate about training. She made me feel very comfortable and confident that I would achieve my goal.

Lorraine Butler, Athlete & Head Teacher


Having been an endurance athlete for 20 years, I have worked with online services and face to face coaches. To me, Karen has all the best qualities you want/need. Knowledgeable and caring and a willingness to communicate whenever needed via email, website, or social media. Karen is there to answer questions or deal with potential problems.

 However, what really sets Karen apart from other coaches is her depth of knowledge. Certified at the highest levels and gifted with the ability to teach you, as an athlete, as you grow. Truly outstanding! 


Bobby, International Teacher

I’ve been working with Karen over the last few months in the build up to the 2018 season. Karen has helped me considerably with my swim stroke through coaching sessions and training plans. I was really struggling with my breathing technique but Karen quickly fixed this and had me swimming competently after just a few sessions. The training plans and nutrition advice that she has provided have considerably improved my performance. The training plans were adjusted to my needs, feedback and goals. I liked the variety of the workouts and the intensity. I’d recommend Karen to triathletes of all levels. I hope to work with her again in the future.

Tom, UK Government, Foreign & Commonwealth Office

 I'm a new triathlete, and my experience with Karen and her training facilities over two days were fantastic. Karen was attentive, professional, and gave a good combo of encouragement and tough love. She's positive and funny and I would highly recommend working with her!

Joen, Technologist

Had a very enjoyable 5 day tri training stay at chilli tri. Karen and Sean made me feel very welcome as I was by myself, and put some preferred breakfast items in the fridge having checked what I wanted first. The room was clean and functional with a kitchen and en-suite, and the villa has excellent views and is in a very quiet area. The coaching i received from Karen during the stay was very good, particularly the swimming. She also was flexible to accommodate some changes to my schedule during the stay. The cycling through the mountains had some lovely scenery and nice descents. My only word of warning would be that Competa and the surrounding area is very hilly/steep so be prepared for that whenever going from the villa to walk, run or bike : which was good for me on a training camp! A lovely camp overall.

Phil Andrews, Finance Director

Lust finished a six week swimming course with Karen, I can highly recommended her. She helped enormously with my swimming techniques or lack of I should say. I feel now that with all of the things that she has thought me I can put into place and improve as a swimmer. I have even discussed going back to do more classes to help with both my husbands swimming and my own Thank You!

Sabrina, Business Owner

Our head coach Karen is a British Triathlon Level 3 Coach, Spanish Federation Level 3 Coach and IRONMAN certified coach. She is also a qualified Personal Trainer (NASM) and WOWSA Level 3 Open Water Swimming Coach and listed on Openwaterpedia.

You can get coached via TrainingPeaks using the coach match service by our Training Peaks Level 2 coach Karen (part of the coach match scheme). Our coaches are all UKAD trained.

Coach Karen is  Certified by World Triathlon under their Coaching Female Athletes scheme.  She is able to apply the latest techniques and research around female athletes training plans and sessions to help you achieve your race and training goals. 

FREE Strength & Conditioning Plan

Do you struggle to fit S&C into your training schedule? Here's a FREE 7 day S&C plan you can fit in to your current plan to help you avoid injuries plus get stronger and faster on the swim, bike and run.

would you like to know more? book a call with a chilitri coach