Videos from ChiliTri Triathlon Coaching in Spain

Here's a Collection of Videos from the ChiliTri YouTube Channel

Here are ChiliTri we like to showcase our training camps and also video's from our athletes. If you would like your videos added please get in touch and we we add it to the collection. Our YouTube Channel is HERE.

You can view exercise videos, swimming drills and more on the ChiliTri YouTube channel.

When Lauren Steadman Gold Medallist Came to Train

We were honoured when Lauren decided to come and train with us. She stayed with us to train before the Rio Paralympics with her dad. At the end she made this video for us.  

Fitness Camps at ChiliTri

Alongside the Triathlon and Swimming camps we also host fitness camps. We have a fully equipped gym for boxing, circuits and HIIT. We also have a holistic terrace for M1ND, R1ZE, Pilates and Yoga. We also visit the beach and lakes for SUP, Kayaking, Swimming, Volleyball, Running and more!

Swimming Camps

Every year we host swimming camps based around our Endless Pool, the 25m pool, the sea and local lakes. So whatever your swimming goals we can help you improve your stroke, power and endurance for your next event

ChiliTri Endless Pool Video Analysis

Here at ChiliTri we have an Endless Pool available for all athletes. You can swim every day or take advantage of full, professional video analysis. We will go through the video with you and then annotate it so you can watch it time and time again to learn the swimming tips and improvements particular to your swimming stroke and race goals. If you have not experienced an Endless pool and how beneficial it is you can try it here at ChiliTri!

Swimming in the ChiliTri Endless Pool in your Wetsuit

One of the benefits of having an Endless pool is that you can swim in the pool in your wetsuit! We can video you with and without your wetsuit so we can see if it improves your stroke or impedes your stroke. Believe it or not a wetsuit can be too thick and make your stroke rate lower and you slower. We can check this out for you can suggest how you can optimise your swimming in a wetsuit.


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