Triathlon or Swimming Clinics

121 Professional Coaching working on your Specific Limiters

Every athlete is different and you will have your own strengths and areas for improvements. On large traditional training camps you all train the same but at our clinics the training and analysis is all about you. We get to understand your personal goals, your race limiters and what types of training your enjoy. If you enjoy the training you are more likely to do it after all. Clinics are 121 and concentrate on your specific needs.

Clinics are one to one bespoke coaching long weekends or weeks where I work with you on your specific limiters and areas for improvement. We look at the areas that are holding you back and get to the root causes and help you move forward with your races. 

This includes full swim video analysis under and over the water in our Endless pool and the sea, run video analysis, bike power analysis, strength screening, sweat testing, Supersapiens blood glucose monitoring and more. 


Swimming is the focus of many triathletes and we can help you improve your stroke, become more efficient and as a result faster. Using above and below video analysis and the INCUS sensor we can pinpoint areas of your stroke that can be optimised and tuned to make you a better and more confident swimmer. We start in the on-site Endless Pool and then transfer this to the open water.


We use the latest techniques to assess your running and cycling technique and efficiency. Alongside video analysis we use 4DP FTP cycling performance testing. For running we use Stryd and INCUS sensors for stride length, ground contact time, left and right imbalances, cadence and more. We work on drills specific to your areas for improvement and strength training exercise that you can use at home.

If technology is not your thing we will use visual and traditional methods to help you cycle and run more comfortably.

Our Services

Swim Video Analysis
Full video analysis above and below water with professional video annotation. You will see and understand your specific areas for improvement. It all starts in the Endless Pool with the INCUS and then we can transfer your new skills to the sea or lake. We can video you with and without your wetsuit so you know how to swim on race day in the race specific conditions.

4DP Cycling Analysis
Four-Dimensional Power® (4DP®) uses four key performance metrics—Neuromuscular Power (NM), Maximal Aerobic Power (MAP), Functional Threshold Power (FTP), and Anaerobic Capacity (AC).  Take your results out on the mountains to try out new techniques.

Sweat Testing
We can conduct a traditional sweat test with you during your stay to assess your salt needs during training and racing. We can also use Bestziet kits to do a lab based analysis (we need 3 weeks notice to ensure the kit is waiting for you on your arrival.

Stryd & INCUS Run Analysis
Running may seem simple but there are ways to become more efficient. Using the Stryd foot pod and INCUS sensor we can understand your cadence, ground contract time, power, imbalances and more. It's a fun an scientific way to make you run faster. We can then recommend drills and exercises to help you improve.

Strength, Mobility, Flexibility and Stability Screening
Strength training is essential to help avoid injury, keep your muscles, ligament, tendons and bones strong and able to take the stress of training and racing. At the same time addressing any imbalances or weakness areas are key to getting your S&C routine right. Through various screening techniques we look at what exercises will help you get strong, stay strong and race faster.

Supersapiens Blood Glucose Analysis
Getting your nutrition right during training and racing will mean you will do your best race day. Alongside traditional food dairies and BMR calculations we use the Supersapiens blood glucose monitoring system to understand your specific needs..

Coach Karen coaching 121 swimming on a SwimSmooth event.

Sea swimming with kayak support and 121 coaching.

Using cycling power gains to cycle from the coast to Complete (750m elevation gain)


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