ChiliTri Athlete Discount Codes & Offers

At ChiliTri we get to try lots of products that can be useful for your training. The ones we like we get discount codes for so we can pass on our recommendations, and you get them cheaper. Here are the latest products:

Lumi Ice Bath Recovery Podsget 15% off with code COACHKAREN

Lumi Therapy provides you with the best sports recovery products not found on the high street, from high-powered sports massage guns, and non-slip yoga mats, to high-quality Recovery Pod Ice Baths.

Ice baths have proven to aid recovery and the Lumi recovery pods are great value for money and great quality.

Why not treat yourself to some home ice recovery after you workouts?

Tropic Feel Eco products 10% off. Follow the link for 10% off.

I use Tropic Feel shoes when I go sea swimming so I can get in and out without hurting my feet. They are made from re-cycled plastic bottles, so you are also doing your bit for the environment.

We are not just travel lovers or gear suppliers, we are committed to inspiring conscious travel and leaving a positive footprint.

361 degrees Running Shoes – get 25% off with KARENCHILITRI25!

I use these running shoes for my long runs and find them well made and comfortable.

‘One degree beyond’ is our mantra. It’s not only about sports performance and giving your best as an athlete – our passion is to see people of all backgrounds and of all performance levels do more than they think they can.

ZEN8 Swim Trainer follow the link for 15% off

This trainer is ideal if you can’t get to the pool or are travelling. It will build your stroke power and catch/pull technique. It’s a great way to keep swim training.

Improve Technique, Speed, Endurance, and Convenience in Swim Training. Say Goodbye to Pool Limitations and Dive into Your Best Swim Yet!

TRX Training products including the suspension trainer – use code TRX15CHILITRI for 15% off

The TRX suspension trainer will strengthen all your muscles for swimming, cycling, and running. You can take it anywhere – the park, the gym, on holiday or business travels.

The World's Most Versatile, Affordable and Effective Gym Our TRX Suspension Trainer™ strap is the only fitness method that challenges you with your own bodyweight to get you stronger, faster.

U-Perform Collagen – use code UKPAR10 for 10% off

These products are used by athletes to ensure you can train harder and recover faster. Whether you’re an elite athlete, fitness/sport enthusiast, new to training or simply looking to lead a more active lifestyle, let U Perform be YOUR PROVEN ADVANTAGE.

Batch tested and listed on the Informed Sport website.

OTE Nutrition & Hydration – use code KPCOACH for 20% off

These products are used by many professional athletes and are batch tested with their products listed on the Informed Sport website.


Our range of naturally flavoured energy products and recovery drinks have been developed by experienced sports nutritionists and athletes to bring you the best tasting and functionally effective products out there. No compromise.

TRI-FIT Multi-Sport Apparel

TRI-FIT produce premium triathlon and multisport apparel using the latest cutting edge technology and fabrics sourced from around the world. Clean, modern design, coupled with functionality and race winning performance. 

Known internationally for our race suits, we also produce award winning cycling, swimming, running, and training apparel and accessories. We are based in Yorkshire with a strong and loyal following worldwide. TRI-FIT aim to become the world's leading triathlon and multisport apparel brand.



Choose from hundreds of swimming costumes in variety of styles, colours and swimwear materials. 

Whether you're looking for a swimming costume for your training sessions or a FINA approved racing swimsuit for your next club championships, we've got the swimming costume for you!

 Visit our "Accessories" category to find a diverse selection of training equipment including everything you need for your child's swimming club training sessions or swimming lessons.

Stryd Running with Power Footpods use code: Coach-Parnell at checkout to get 15% off all products.

Many athletes find training with running power a better way to get instant feedback on whether you are hitting your training session targets. With heart rate there is a lag on your heart reaching your target zone and if your heart rate has gone too high a lag for it to get down to the desired range. Running power is instant.

Next gen design, materials, and sensors delivering 5x responsiveness and the ability to capture lower body stress, helping you make smarter training decisions.

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