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Article: July 13th 2021, TRI247: Supersapiens: What is it, and what can it do for you?

If you’ve been watching triathlon and thinking, “what are those patches I’ve seen on some athletes’ arms”, then the answer is quite likely to be Supersapiens.

The title sponsor of the IRONMAN World Championship at Kona – and now in a partnership with Jan Frodeno – Supersapiens is a real-time glucose visibility energy management sport biosensor. 

Article: July 15th 2021, TRI247: ASICS Trabuco Max Review: A Sticky Sole is Spanish Gold

I live 750 metres (2490 feet) up a mountain in Southern Spain so when I go out for a run, I will hit a hill or two. In fact, I can do a 10km run and see my house pretty much all of the way round – which still freaks me out! This is a review of how I got on in the mountains trail running in the ASICS Trabuco Max.

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Blog: May 20th 2021, ChiliTri Blog Post

Habit Stacking

I came across this term a few months ago and it has proven to be amazingly simple and effective for me.

It’s a simple concept of adding something that you want to become a habit to a habit you already have.

Article: May 20th 2021, TRI247:

TekraPod: Safe swimming without the drag   

This week I’m trying out the TekraPod Open Water Swim Safety Device. It arrived in two packages, one containing the lightweight backpack and the other contained two small CO2 cannisters and two little plastic grommets. This piqued my interest and I had to go and swim and try it.

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Article: February 28th 2021, IRONMAN VC: 12 Ways Go Faster at Your Next Flat Race

If you have a flat race in your crosshairs, whether physical or virtual, set yourself up for success with these tips.

This month at the IRONMAN Virtual Club we’re shining our spotlight on flat and fast courses, flat and fast workouts, and flat and fast times. To that end, we rounded up a few IRONMAN Certified Coaches to lend their expertise on how you can get even faster on your next flat race course, whether physical or virtual.

Article: May 7th 2021, TRI247:

Heart Monitors – much more than just beats per minute   

Few things move quicker than progress in technology, and the modern heart rate monitor is a great example of that. In this feature, Coach Karen Parnell  takes an in-depth look and compares two of the latest products on the market, the Wahoo TICKR X and the Polar Verity Sense.

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Article: April 9th 2021, TRI247: Product Review: Cinc Swimwear.

With pools opening up, if you are looking to add some colour to your chlorine then perhaps Cinc Sport is a brand worth checking out.

Based in Spain, it wasn’t a brand I was aware of – but it was a perfect opportunity to connect ‘Brit abroad’, Karen Parnell, with their team to try them out and see if their colours and offerings were worthy of your pounds, or indeed, euros. Shipping is available without issue to the UK. Here’s what we found.

Article: April 21st 2021, TRI247:

Open Water Top Tips to Get the Most from Your Open Water Swims.  

The weather is improving, and most open water venues are opening up to allow us to swim. The water may however still be a bit cool so time spent in the water may be shorter to begin with.

To make the most of you swims here are my top tips for your sessions and also the kit you can consider.

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Article: March 8th 2021, TRI247: A Female Triathlete’s Guide to Fasting and Fasted Training . 

Coinciding with International Women’s Day, Coach Karen Parnell has worked alongside Dr. Linia Patel, a registered dietitian and sports nutritionist to look at the impacts of fasting and fasted training for female triathletes.

What’s it all about? What are the potential benefits and pitfalls? What’s the science behind it… and what are the specific considerations for female athletes?

Article: March 8th 2021, IRONMAN VC: How to Triumph as a Woman in Tri .  Happy International Women’s Day from all of us here at IRONMAN. To celebrate the incredible women who bring such passion, energy, and personality to the sport of triathlon, we reached out to some of our favourite women in the sport. These movers, shakers, experts, and educators generously shared their wisdom with us—as coaches, communicators, or athletes themselves.

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Article: February 12th 2021, IRONMAN VC - The Best Swim Cross-Training You Haven’t Discovered Yet . Still can’t get to a pool? Rowing is your next best bet. As triathletes, how do we maintain our swimming fitness and sport-specific muscle strength when lane time is scarce or unavailable? Enter: the rowing machine. Read more in the link below.

Article: February 28th 2021, IRONMAN VC - 12 Ways Go Faster at Your Next Flat Race.  If you have a flat race in your crosshairs, whether physical or virtual, set yourself up for success with these tips. My tips are: Run—Get Bulletproof & Mental—Get Strong. Read more in the link below.

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Article: February 23rd 2021, - Beginners Guide to Bike Pedals. Cycling – you just get on and pedal, right? You do… but there are LOTS of different pedal that your feet could end up pushing! 

Feature: January 2021 WOWSA - Karen Parnell featured on the Open Water Swimming Association website.  WOWSA is an international association dedicated to the organization, promotion and recognition of open water swimmers, events, records, trends, publications etc

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Article: September 26th 2020, Outdoor Swimmer Magazine - Outdoor swimming products and their impact on the environment (and what you can do to minimise your impact) 

Article: August 20th 2020 Linkedin - Mixing up your open water swims Thankfully, we are now able to get back to swimming outdoors and enjoying the fresh air and total connection to our environment. This article details some tips and trick plus a session plan to get the most out of your next swim outdoors.

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Article: July 10th 2020 TRI247 - Triathlon training in Spain under COVID-19: what you need to know. Guidance, rules and advice for training in Spain. Spain is one of the most popular and easily accessible countries for European athletes to visit for holidays, training and racing. Plentiful accommodation, a wide choice of cycling-friendly areas, training facilities – all at reasonable cost – make it a a regular for many.

Article: May 27th 2020 TRI247 - Training Motivation - where’s it gone… and how can I get it back? While we are all wondering what the ‘new normal’ will be, there’s no doubt that daily life has changed for many of us in recent months, courtesy of the Coronavirus pandemic. In this feature, Coach Karen Parnell ( looks into the reasons why motivations may have changed, its impacts

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Article: 29th March 2020, BLOG on the Surge Box website Skipping as an alternative to Running - If you can’t get outside for your regular runs then using a skipping rope or jump rope is a great alternative and takes up little room. 

Article: 23rd March 2020, BLOG on the Swimovate website - Tethered swimming– an alternative way to training if your local pool is shut and can’t swim in open water you may still have access to a small pool so you can still train using a swim belt, bungee or tether. It’s very effective and actually a great workout.

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Article: 15th March 2020, BLOG on the Surgebox website - Rowing. Can’t get to a pool? Why not try rowing? - Many public swimming pools have been forced to closed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and your favourite outdoor swimming venue may be too cold even with a wetsuit, but you still need or want to train, what can you do? built up in the summer and autumn months so is there a good alternative? #swimming #rowing #triathlon #surgebox

Article:  17th July 2019, ARTICLE in Outdoor Swimmer Magazine - The things you can do with a tow float - Have you ever wondered how you can use your swimming tow float? Read all about it here. #swimming #owswimming #seaswimming #triathlon #towfloat

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Article:  20th June 2019, ARTICLE in Which Training Camp - Have you been on a training camp recently and found your leg cadence on the bike is a bit slower? If the answer is yes then this Zwift workout could be just what your are looking for. #zwift #whichtrainingcamp #training

Article:  29th May 2019, ARTICLE in Outdoor Swimmer Magazine Swimming - Events in Spain 
Check out my article in Outdoor Swimmer magazine detailing some great swimming events in Spain. #swimming #owswimming #seaswimming #swimmingevents #triathlon

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Article:  22nd February 2019, ARTICLE in Tri247- HOW TO EXPERIENCE ZWIFT ON A BUDGET By Karen Parnell


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