Swim Workouts for Triathletes Free Book PDF

Do you get to the pool and lack focus and direction? Do you end up just doing lap after lap in the hope you will see some improvements?

To help you training with purpose I wanted to share some of my favourite swim workouts to help you improve your swimming for triathlon. This book has 18 swim sessions of various lengths and focus to help you develop your freestyle or front crawl stroke. Plus, some tips on how to improve your technique.

The sessions are split into sections based on focus:

-          Speed

-          Power

-          Endurance

-          Technique

-          Recovery

-          Test Set

-          Open Water

-          Tethered

Working on your speed, power, endurance, and technique with these structured sessions you will improve.

The sessions may need some kit to help with drills and technique sets and I have listed the preferred kit and also some useful swimming drills.