FREE Trail Running Plan Beginner 10k

For the avid road runner, trail running is often considered the next frontier. Trails provide an escape and a beauty that not only allows you to get your run in, but also cleanses the soul. Along with the trail’s treasures are new challenges for the road warrior: Terrain can be tricky to navigate, elevation changes are likely more drastic, and climbs and descents don’t compare to the roads. Trail newbies often need to ignore pace— forget hitting certain minutes per mile—and focus on effort instead.

When faced with Dirt or Vert pace goes out the window!

This is an 8-week plan ideal for the off-season to try something new or training for your first 10km trail race.

The plan includes:

- Trail running sessions

- Strength training to help avoid injuries

- Cross training days and recovery week after your race

- FREE PDF download

Trail running is great for developing core strength, balance, stability and running technique.