XTERRA Full (Oly) Triathlon 12 Week Training Plan (Off-Road)

Author: Karen Parnell

Type: Xterra

Level: Any

Length: 12 Weeks

Average weekly training hours -- --
Weekly Hours

Xterra is the most popular off-road triathlon and is growing is popularity. The Sprint short course event consists of a open water swim of 1500m, a mountain bike course of around 30-40k MTB and a trail run of 10km. This plan is designed to take you in the 12 week lead up to a single day event.

You should be able to swim for 20 to 30 minutes, cycle for 2 hours and run for 1 hour.

Weekly training hours are between 4 hours 15 minutes and peak at 7 hours 15 minutes so wont impact home and work life too much and if you like off-road running and cycling then this plan an a Xterra event is for you!

The plan includes swim, bike, run and strength sessions along with race tips. It comprises specific preparation, pre-competition and competitive phases.

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