Sprint Triathlon 16 Week Training Plan FREE

This 16-week training plan is designed to get a novice triathlete through a sprint distance triathlon. It is not a complex or hugely time-consuming programme; it will get you to the finish line in good shape.

This is a FREE PDF Download File.

It includes links to workout and drill videos.

In order to be able complete the training you should have a reasonable level of fitness at the start of the training. A pre-requisite would be that you can swim 400m continuously, you can cycle for 20 mins and run for 15 mins. You should consult your doctor before embarking on any physical fitness training.

The training sessions can be completed in a number of locations. The swim sessions are mostly designed for a pool, with open water sessions towards the latter half of the program. The bike sessions could be done either outdoors or indoors, the same goes for the running sessions. Ideally some of the running session should be done on a 400m track. We would strongly advise that you do spend as much time as possible training outdoors so that you get time training in similar conditions to those that you will be racing in.