Get Rowing on Zwift Workouts

Welcome to Rowing on Zwift with customer workouts. In this pack you will find:

-          6 rowing workouts with full session plan

-          ZWO file for each workout

-          A guide to rowing on Zwift

-          An article on how rowing it similar to swimming for the triathletes out there

The Workouts are:

  1. A 20-minute drills sessions to help you perfect your stroke.
  2. A 36-minute stroke rate and power session.
  3. A 39-minute stroke rate session which introduces longer rowing with stroke rate variation.
  4. A 33-minute Endurance session which focuses on longer, steady rowing.
  5. A 30-minute interval session.
  6. A 30-minute Time Trial to see how your rowing is improving. There is a warmup and cool down, so the full session takes 40 minutes.

For the best experience you will need a Concept 2 rower with PM5 and of course a Zwift account. Full details on how to get set up is in a separate document.