FREE Guide to Running your Retreat

Leading a retreat can be a deeply rewarding experience, even designing the agenda and marketing it.

Can you visualise what a successful retreat would look like?

How are you going to create an experience that your clients will remember for the rest of their lives?

You will be able to make clients your friends and offer something your competition aren’t.

The chances are they will want to do it again year after year. Things to consider:

• Ask questions of others who have run retreats, your potential clients, and other people who have gone on camps and retreats.

• Come up with a catchy title that intrigues people to find out more. Be clear about the purpose. Define a clear and specific goal.

• Design an agenda that includes your chosen personal development, suitable food for your group, time for personal reflection/space, trips that help bonding, ground rules and how you will involve your guests (those who want involvement).

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