FREE Couch to 5K (Run/Walk)

Author: Karen Parnell

Type: Running

Level: Beginner

Length: 12 Weeks

Average weekly training hours -- --
Weekly Hours

This training plan if you want complete your first 5K run, may be a park run, a local charity race or to improve your general fitness. It is designed to build up slowly over the 12 weeks to get you to the finish line. Simple, easy to follow instructions and all based around time for ease of use, this plan consist of 3 sessions a week for 12 weeks taking you right off the couch and to your first ever 5K run. We have designed this plan to get you round a 5K using a run walk strategy. It includes one simple strength workout per week to help avoid injuries and keep your posture tall.

This plan is delivered professional via our App, your own private area of our website if you join Team Chili or as a downloadable file.

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